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Shenzhen Pengxin Car Rental Co.,Ltd is the qualified enterprise that authenticated by the Shenzhen Traffic Management Bureau. Our corporate operates in car rental and related services. We dedicated to providing the 100 percent excellent service to the public, which includes: students transport, festival activities transport, long-term car rental, airport transport, culture & sports activities transport, conference transport, exhibition transport and other services.
Our corporation is one of the most excellent enterprises that own perfect facilities and services. It focus on Buick Regal, Buick GL8, and the medium and small sized Kinglong car which can offer you at anytime a clean, comfortable, refine in car environment
Our company does its utmost to provide superior grade commercial car renting service for clients at foreign related office buildings and provide organizational and discerning car service for big international conferences and 5-star hotels.
Our drivers are of good driving skills, air service awareness, rich experience and an expert command of spoken English and they will cordially offer you a safe, punctual and convenient service.
Our goal of service is to provide you with the most comfortable and convenient service..
Safe rental: we’ll provide new car or of regular maintained and safely overhauled car to ensure the safe operation.
Rental or Sale: Customer may select the car freely, after the expiration of the rental time, you may choose to buy it or cease the rental.
Professional and convenient maintaining and servicing: We have our own Tongwei
service center which provides the regular maintaining and overhaul to ensure your operation with great satisfaction.
Policy: All the rental cars have cover general policy, include the third party responsible risk, car lost risk, steal and rob risk, passenger seat risk with option to cover other risks and increase insurance premium.
Agent for claim: There are staffs to help and responsible for the claim service in service center to save your time and offer the convenience.
Car replacing service: We provide the car replacing service in case of the mechanical break up of the car.
24 HOUR Emergency Aid: 13600192843, in case of any problems about the operation of car, we’ll help you at any times.
24 HOUR Accident Resolve: 13600192843, we provide professional policy consultation and spot support or other accident resolve service.
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Address : Shenzhen City nosy Four Qingan Aviation Building tel:(0755)82433866
fax:(0755)82433166      Mobile:13823250526 /13600192843   Website :http://www.szpx163.cn